One of my favorite pleasures in life is to curl up with a great book and enjoy a respite from daily life. With comfy cushions and dreamy views, window seats and nooks are a wonderful way to build  mini-retreats right into your home.

Looking to create a “cozy space”?  Join me on a photo journey through some peaceful-inspiring nooks…


The color and fabric selections in this window nook enhance its soothing appeal.


A window seat in a living room provides extra seating for guests.


Double window seat and storage surround provides not only an aesthetic appeal, but a super-functional space



I love the functional drapes of this window seat/bed. One could truly hide away from the world behind them!


Adding a window seat to a stair landing turns a space into a place to linger and enjoy.


Window seats provide great views, but even without a view a nook is a wonderful way to kick back and relax.


This beautiful eastern-inspired nook shows how you can play around with colors, textures, and lighting to create a peaceful and inviting atmosphere.



What an efficient use for an otherwise wasted space under these stairs!




Yes, even our pets can benefit from a nook! Go ahead and provide them with a space of their own to indulge in.



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