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  1. Don’t shy away from using color.   Choose colors you love and use them in the accessories, which don’t cost a lot to change out.
  2.  White is a great backdrop to display pops of color and to keep a fresh, clean appearance.
  3.  Make sure to sample colors before committing.  Paint the colors on different walls in your room so that you can see how the colors change in different light depending on the time of day.
  4.  Choose artwork you love, and then look to the artwork for inspiration in creating layers in your space. Vary the shades in different throw pillows, accessories, etc…
  5.  Keep accent color in a single family for a cohesive result

Accents of pink pop against a white backdrop.

Pulling color from artwork is a wonderful way to use color and make the space cohesive.

Keeping accent color  in the same family allows for a more unified, sophisticated look.